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Limited Edition
1938 Broadway Limited Lightweight


Newest Coach Yard Pennsylvania Railroad, limited edition, exclusive to Howie's Brass Trains.

There are two versions, the East-bound and the West-bound, they consist of a 10 car and are both modeled after the 1938 Broadway Limited Lightweight. Cars are painted in the Fleet of Modernism scheme. Two-tone Tuscan Red with 5 gold stripes. Cars feature full interiors, operating lights in 4 of the cars.

Set is limited to 20 and will come in a wooden box with a numbered tag. 


There are a few sets available as a limited number were commissioned. Cost for a set is $9995.00*, plus shipping by UPS (approx. $63.00), fully insured based on your home address.

*Preferred method of payment: check or money order. (Credit cards are accepted with a 4.5% surcharge). Thank you.

Train 28 East-10 Sets (Sold Out)

6051 Bag Express – [class B70] 

5486 – Mail – [class BM70M] 

City of Cincinnati – LW 18 Roomette 

City of Pittsburgh – LW 18 Roomette 

4423 – Diner [class D70br] 

Harbor Springs – 2 Double Bedroom-Bar-Lounge 

Imperial Point - LW 4-4-2 

Imperial Plateau – LW 4-4-2 

New York County – LW 13 Double Bedroom 

Skyline View – 2MBedroom-Buffet – Lounge Observation 

Train 29 West – 10 Sets (Few Sets Available)

6054 Bag Express – [class B70] 

5483 – Mail – [class BM70M] 

City of Philadelphia – LW 18 Roomette 

City of New York – LW 18 Roomette 

4420 – Diner [class D70br] 

Harbor Point – 2 Double Bedroom-Bar-Lounge 

Imperial Pass – LW 4-4-2 

Imperial Park – LW 4-4-2 

Allegheny County – LW 13 Double Bedroom

Metropolitan View – 2MBedroom-Buffet – Lounge Observation 

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